Retrouvaille works when both spouses are open to the program. Many consider this program to be like a self help marriage seminar. This page contains the stories of many couples that were successful in turning around troubled marriages.
Each story deals with a different marital problem. Some talk about a cheating spouse involved in extramarital affairs. Others highlight couples who are trying to minimize the effects of divorce on a child.
The effects of divorce, or even marriage separation can have profound and lasting impact on children. Many marriage counselors refer their clients to this program to compliment their marriage counseling. In addition to a desire to heal, learning how to use communication in marriage can be a key element needed to save marriage from divorce.

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If you still have questions please call us at 513-456-5413 or email us at 3030@retrouvaille.org. You can also visit the retrouvaille international website (www.retrouvaille.org) for more information on our program.

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